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Alessio Cavatore Tells About Waterloo Board Game

Alessio Cavatore loves making games. You can just tell whenever you hear him talk about them. He's just making them all the time. He's also a history buff. And coming up next month is the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. Well, River Horse will be running a Kickstarter for a new board game that Alessio has created that's based on that famous battle. The campaign has yet to launch, but we know when it will end: June 18th. Check below the cut for a video of Alessio talking all about the game.

The Waterloo - Quelle Affaire game was designed to be reminiscent of old Avalon Hill games with a hex board and cardboard counters. The rules, however, have been given a more modern spin. Though combats are fairly simple, with just a die roll to determine the outcome without the need for lots of charts or complex math to figure out what happened. Command cards and Order cards mix things up and add in surprises during the game.