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Alban Miniatures launches Kickstarter for Napoleonic British Artillery

Alban Miniatures has started a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new Napoleonic-era British artillery piece.



From the campaign:

Alban Miniatures have decided that now is the time to dip the toe in to finance faster expansion of the range by offering their first kick starter.

This kick starter sees the introduction of a British Napoleonic 6lb artillery piece cast in white metal from the master sculpting of Mr Ian Taylor and the introduction of foot artillery crew cast in white metal as sculpted by Mr Martin Baker.

If this kick starter goes well then Alban are looking at the potential for French and Saxon artillery kick starters, French, British and Saxon Cavalry kick starters and a Cacadores kick starter to follow.

Please do take a look at the link and accept the thanks of Alban Miniatures in anticipation of any support given.