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Alassar new BaneLord available for pre-order

Maelstrom Games are now accepting pre-orders for the Alassar BaneLord miniature. Alassar BaneLord From their announcement:
The tale of Alassar Ælfenden is a long and unfinished one. He has lived for a thousand years and will live for another thousand, so it is said, for his skill in battle is unmatched and his spirit will never yield. He has served his enclave since he was a youth, a mere stripling of an Ælf, and in that time he has fought the enemies of his people without fear or respite. So valiant is he that the Sun Kings themselves have paid homage to his tale, for to bear the Dragon Standard is the highest honour they could ever bestow. To be entrusted with such an ancient treasure, an artifact of the Ever Living Ones that has been borne through the history of the White Ælves from antiquity, is recognition of Alassar’s integrity and strength, his noble lineage and his implacable leadership, for all know none other could take to the field of battle with his surety and conviction.