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Alakazoo Board Game Up On Kickstarter

A grand magic tournament is being held. Wizards and Witches from all over are looking to compete. The top prize will go to the magic-user that summons the greatest creature to their side. That's where you find yourself in Alakazoo, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

About the game:

Alakazoo is a family board game for 2-4 players based mostly on Set Collection and Pattern Building with additional Card Drafting and Dice Rolling mechanics. To prove their skills in the magic domain players will summon Fantastic Creatures trying to beat their opponents. Are you powerful enough to impress the Magic Jury and reach for the title of Arcanimus?

Meet the Magic
In Alakazoo, you take the role of the young adept of the art of summoning, competing in a magic tournament. Roll the Spell dice to activate runes on your Portal, collect the Spell cards or use your Castle Keeper’s powers.
All these actions will help you summon all parts of your Fantastic creature and score the magic points, not only during, but also when tournament ends. Collect the most points and receive title of Arcanimus!
However, this is not an easy task. The dark power locked within portals is awaiting your mistakes to grant you dark crystals. So be careful and planyour every move, because once you gather 3 dark crystals, you will have to rest before your next summoning.

Key Mechanics
• Set collection
• Pattern Building
• Card Drafting
• Dice Rolling

The Kickstarter is over its funding goal, but there's only 6 days left to get in on the action if you want.