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Aksakal releases Antiquity

A new historical rules set in both PDF and softcover.  

From their announcement:

 Antiquity is a fast play set of miniature wargames rules in the ancient era for two players. Players each take command of one of histories successful armies and the Generals and Heroes that lead them to victory.

A Player only needs 3-5 Units and 1-2 Heroes to play (and an opponent!) a Standard 100 Army Point game. Units typically have 2-6 manouver Stands, although the more powerful or rare Units will only have 1 or 2 Stands. A game of this size should last an hour or less, the right amount of time for between tournament or club games, or for a nights gaming between friends.

Antiquity is a 66 page book containing the basic Warrior and advanced Hero rules, Skills and Items to equip Units and Heroes with, and 8 historical battles with sample 100AP armies and army lists.