Aksakal Australia post map-based wargames event calendar

Aksakal Australia have added a map-based wargames event calendar to their website.

From their announcement:

A member of the League of Ancients (Melbourne, Australia), knowing when all the clubs activities are and passing that information onto friends or into the hands of wargamers who don’t know about us is a constant hassle. Trying to find out about the events of other clubs, or even where other clubs are… is even more of a hassle.

That’s why I created Know When, a combined calendar and map website to keep track of wargaming (and other) events (worldwide). It allows anyone to create events such as club meeting days and competitions and attach the venue on a map. You can also search by directories (three so far specifically for wargaming), or by using a combination of keywords, date ranges and marking out a region on a map as well.

Adding your own club’s events is easy. Registration is free, and there is no limit to the number of events you can create, whether they be in the past of future. You can even add a (just one for the moment) photo, but that doesn’t stop you from referring to your own club’s website in the event’s description.

Start promoting your club, and be a part of globalizing our hobby.