Airlock Games posts new faction art for Counterblast

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 27th, 2013

Airlock Games has some new preview artwork posted up for Counterblast, their new sci-fi minis game that they’re working on.

From the preview:

Here is the first look at some of the designs for the Galactic Defense Force and the sinister Edo. They will form the basis for two of the major factions in the upcoming Counterblastâ„¢ Adventure Battle Game.

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  • Darsc Zacal

    This is Patrick Keith’s(Bombshell Babes, Reaper, Darksword) new project, so I’m very much keeping an eye on its progress.

    • Soulfinger

      Good to know. I am also very intrigued to see this on their website:

      “Models are 1/48 scale where average human sized models are approximately 30mm to 35mm in height. This is the popular size for most commercial aircraft model kits, which is very close to the size of many other gaming miniatures. This allows players to utilize vehicles, components and kits from a wide range of sources to fill out their battlefield forces, vehicles, and tabletop terrain.”

  • That makes so much sense I will be looking in to this for that reason alone. I don’t understand why not more of the new game projects go for 1/48 scale. I mean it’s so close to todays “28mm” anyway. At least for skirmish games and such.