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Ainsty release new Official 15mm Hammers Slammers Vehicles

Ainsty Castings has their new official 15mm Hammers Slammers vehicles available just in time for Salute.

From the update:

All ready for Salute and also to order online are the new Official vehicles for Hammers Slammers. The first of these are

15mm Blower Tank £8
15mm Blower Command Tank £8
15mm Combat Car £4

Also available in the new "Troop" Unit size of 4 vehicles

Blower Tank Troop £30
Combat Car Troop £15

Other vehicles will be added throughout the year including the Command Combat Car, Up Armoured versions of the Blowers and Combat cars.

Hammers Slammers The Crucible Rules Books also available from Ainsty