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Age of Ultron Organized Play She-Hulk Preview from WizKids

WizKids is well-known for their organized play. They create all manner of special pieces for it. From unique versions of miniatures to new maps and scenarios, to resculpts, and much more. For their Age of Ultron Organized Play event, they decided to go with something mean and green. They've hired on a lawyer and set them down on your tabletop. Of course, we're talking about She-Hulk.


This version of She-Hulk can be played at either 130 or 75 points, which is rather versatile. Also versatile in her theme lists, she has Avengers, Fantastic Four, S.H.I.E.L.D., Heroes for Hire, and Lady Liberators keywords. Don't want to use any of those? She does well there, too, with a special ability that'll help you be First Player once per game when she's not part of a theme list.

Being a Hulk, of course she has Hulk-like abilities such as Charge and Super Strength and Invincible on her dial. But as a lawyer, she also has mind-game sort of abilities like Outwit and the potential to have Perplex.