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Age of Ultron HeroClix Preview of Ultron-5 Posted

Well, Mad Max and Jurassic World may have made most forget about the Age of Ultron, but for those in the world of HeroClix, it's still going on. The Organized Play series for the Avenger's favorite robot menace continues and WizKids has a new preview up, with a look at Ultron-5 along with the Ultron-5 Drone.

Ultron-5 will take up 120 points of your build total. His big things are coming in with 8 clicks of life and his Knockout Gas Gun. This ability allows Ultron-5 to set out Smoke markers. When they are removed, enemies inside of them take 1 damage and gain an action token. Pretty good, as causing your opponent to get extra tokens on them is always a good thing.

As for the Drones, they're a "dime a dozen" coming in at either 30 or 60 points. Sure, they have almost no clicks of health, but a couple extra bodies out on the board can tip the activation balance in your favor. And having a couple extra attacks around to toss the enemy's away might do a few extra clicks of damage.