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Age of Tyrants posts up new 3D renders

Age of Tyrants has been busy posting up some 3D renders of upcoming trooper models for their minis game.

From the preview:

Age of Tyrants is our new 6mm sci-fi game system due for launch in April 2013.

In 2769 VSY, the Strike on Kalakan unleashed a spiralling maelstrom of war that threatened to engulf all of Pan-Humanic space. Breakaway systems plunged old alliances and treaties into disarray as battle lines were drawn up around them, and the powerful members of the Tripartite Alliance; the Viridians, Syntha, and the Junkers, ultimately moved openly against one another , forcing the galactic security body VASA to enter the fray on its own terms. This period became known as the Age of Tyrants.

Age of Tyrants is a 6mm tabletop wargame set in the hard sci-fi world of Urban War: Metropolis. It is a scalable mass combat system enabling you tabletop generals to fight battles ranging from skirmishes between platoons right up to battalion level offensives and features a unique unit activation system inspired by the doctrine of combined arms warfare.