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Age of Saints Sci Fantasy Miniatures game released by Iron Ivan Games

Iron Ivan Games is happy to have released Age of Saints, their new Sci-Fantasy Miniatures game. The game presents the age-old struggle of good vs. evil, saintly vs. demonic, and so forth in their 145 page book. It covers everything from troops, to heroes, to vehicles, to special weapons. All set to take over your tabletop.

From the release:

Iron Ivan Games is proud to present a new way of gaming Sci Fantasy, Age of Saints. In the open world of Age of Saints, players create their own armies led by powerful Heroes or Villains to fight across the scarred worlds of The Dominion. Saints, The Blessed Born, wield inhuman power in their manipulation of The Host against the vile enemies of the Hexxen Kult, Outringers and Dregs. Players are able to build their point based forces within the Age of Saints universe or use the templates within the book to fit any other Sci Fantasy genre. The Age of Saints rules are 145 pages of vehicles, weapons, characters, and armor to get your dice rolling! Welcome to the New Age, The Age of Saints!