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Age of Madness "Lethal Weapon" Buddy Sale

Visceral Impact Studios is running a special sale on their website this weekend. Buy a print edition of the Warfare in the Age of Madness rules on sale and get the digital for free.


From the announcement:

Who's your Danny Glover or Mel Gibson gaming buddy? Whoever he is, now's your chance to team up for battles in the age of madness with our sale of madness!

From 9:00 AM EST on Thursday, Nov. 27 though 11:00 PM EST Monday, Dec. 1 you can order the print edition of Warfare in the Age of Madness from our store at for just $14.99. That's 25% of the regular price of $19.99.

In addition, when you e-mail that receipt for your print edition purchase during the period above to, we'll e-mail you a FREE copy of the PDF edition which you can keep for yourself or give to a gaming buddy.

So that's a print edition of the game and a PDF copy for your buddy for just $14.99!

This offer applies ONLY to print edition purchases during the period above and excludes all previous purchases.