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"Age of Madness" Army Design Contest

Visceral Impact Studios is taking submissions only for the rest of the week. If you want to get your entry in, you'd better hurry.


From the website:

Visceral Impact Studios reminds everyone that submissions for their army design contest are due this week. Submit a photo of your 15mm post-apocalyptic troops, "Age of Madnss" force composition/points cost, and background description of your unique force for your chance to win a $30 gift certificate from Scale Creep Miniatures. The prize includes an additional $7 to help cover shipping costs. That way you get to apply the full $30 towards your purchase at Scale Creep Miniatures which is about the cost for a typical "Age of Madness" infantry-based army. The winner will be announced in November and your entry will be featured on our site.

Force background is the primary consideration for determining the winner followed by force composition. Painting is a distant third. The game encourages players to use whatever troops they happen have so basing is extremely flexible too. An army is composed of roughly 9-12 elements with each element being a base of two to five 15mm figures. The number of figures on a base doesn't matter and and you can even use individually based figures grouped together in clumps of two to five figures. So don't be shy about your painting quality or basing, it's your force's background and composition that count most!

Your force can represent your old army unit now fighting for itself in a world without nation-states, a militia from your hometown, or any other background you can imagine. The choice is yours, so be creative!