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AfterRace Releases Triathlon Series Board Game

Swim, bike, run. Three things that many of us in the gaming community haven't done for a decade or more (at least, I know I haven't *looks at my 110 stone self* :P ). But if gaming does anything, it lets us live vicariously through our games. I'm sure none of you have ever slain a dragon or piloted a starfighter, either. Well, AfterRace is giving us the chance to train and compete as a Triathlete in their Triathlon Series board game.

In the game, players take on the role of triathletes. They must balance their training between getting better at the three phases of the race (swimming, biking, and running) as well as deal with nutrition, strength, and mindfulness. There's no "one right way" to train, as different racers will want to focus on different parts of the event. After the training phase comes the race, itself, where you put all that time to the test. The object of the game? Be the first across the finish line, of course!

You can pick up your copy from the AfterRace webshop now.