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Aftermath Mods running Terrain Mapping Kickstarter project

Aftermath Mods has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new line of terrain maps for RPGs and games such as HeroClix.

From the campaign:

Want a map with some architectural flair for your Heroclix or RPG game without spending hours of drawing it up? Look no further!

Throughout the course of our last campaign, we received a lot of feedback from our backers about architecture they would like to see us develop. We set out to develop these maps with modern architecture in mind. Of course, we also wanted these maps to be as realistic as possible for the best possible gaming experience.

We chose some of our best designs and modified them for optimum game performance. This is our first release of many to come in this format. Our maps offer great detail without being overly cluttered with color (which saves you money on ink when you print your pdfs).