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Afterglow Miniatures Game Up On Indiegogo

Well, as it so often does, the world has once more come to an end. Damnit, Carl! I told you to not push that big, glowing button on that military console! Now we're living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where resources are scarce, and humanity is just barely scratching by, with rival gangs hunting each other down to control the few pieces of real-estate that aren't garbage. That's also the story behind Afterglow, a new sci-fi skirmish miniatures game that's up on Indiegogo.

The game is very scenario-driven. You're not just out there to blow up your opponent's stuff. Sometimes, the one who wins the game was the one who didn't even kill an enemy, but much more effectively used their skills and resources to their advantage. There's also a full campaign system where members of your gang can gain experience and special abilities... or they can get permanently injured, mutate, and die. That sort of thing can happen, too.

As I mentioned, the Indiegogo campaign is up and running now with still a month left on the clock.