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Affliction: Salem 1692 Board Game Up On Kickstarter

She's a witch!
Most of us, when we hear that phrase, think of Monty Python. But many others also think of Salem, Massachusetts during the infamous Salem Witch Trials where various members of the community were accused of witchcraft, put on trial, and executed. Now you can recreate those tense days in colonial America with Affliction: Salem 1692, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter.


From the campaign:

The hysteria over witches among the people of Salem swept the region like a disease in 1692. As is the case in any tragic event, there are those who will use the circumstances to their advantage. Under the veil of the witch-hunt lie other motivations; power, greed, revenge and righteousness.

AFFLICTION: Salem 1692 is a game set in the hysteria of a witch-hunt. Use your influence to whisper in the ear of the Magistrate, Judge, Governor or Minister to protect some and have others arrested. Affliction is your chance to gain property, exact revenge and prove your righteousness. The characters in the game were actual residents of the Salem region. This is a more authentic experience of actual events.

The campaign is rather close to half-funded with still 24 days left to go.