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AE:WWII posts up another stretch goal and concept art

Blackball Games is showing off another stretch goal and concept art for their AE:WWII-European Theater Kickstarter.

From the update:

Another goal of ours, in addition to getting a new book out, is to get some of the models that were never sculpted out into the world. So what we're doing is adding these new sculpts as stretch goals!

If we hit $17,500 all backers at the Lieutenant level and higher will receive a Hoodoo Conjurer in addition to their other rewards! These magicians of the American Office of Occult Research and Development (OORD) cast devious tricks on enemy troops, including the 'Deadly Trick' that kills with a puff of graveyard dust.

We'll be announcing more models as stretch goals in the coming days as well as offering backers the ability to 'add on' these new models to their pledges. So keep an eye out and continue to promote Operation: Kickstart!