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Aethera Campaign Setting For Pathfinder Up On Kickstarter

For many (at least, for me), when you think "Role-playing game" you think of a fantasy setting. Even though my first couple games I played were sci-fi, and I've played in various other sci-fi games throughout the years, the majority of my RP-time has been in various fantasy worlds. That might just mostly be me. But for even more people, when you think specifically of Pathfinder, you think of a fantasy setting (again, for the most part). Well, Aethera is here to change that. It's Pathfinder but in space.

The Aethera Campaign Setting is a space-fantasy setting for Pathfinder. The book will have stats for all different sorts of alien life (including robotic life), and several different planets that you can go visit. The book uses a "retro-futuristic" style for the artwork and various other themes. So if you're a fan of things like Metropolis (the old movie, not the TV show, though you could certainly like that, too), you might want to check it out. The setting still uses magic, so don't worry all you sorcerer-types out there. There's a lot included, which is why the book is looking to be about 400 pages, all-told.

The campaign on Kickstarter is running now and is set to do so for another 26 days.