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Aether Captains Takes Flight On Kickstarter

Ah, there's nothing like the life of a pirate. Raiding enemies and plundering their loot. Swilling grog. Singing pirate tunes.
Just gotta watch out about going overboard. It's a heck of a drop.
Heck of a drop? Well, it's a heck of a drop for the sky pirates in Aether Captains, anyway. What's Aether Captains? It's the new board game from Mage Company and Ninja Division and it's up on Kickstarter now.

In the game (for 1-5 players), you take on the role as either the Grand Compact, controlling the naval zeppelins the Dauntless and/or Dominion, or you're in control of the waves of Sky Pirates who have made it their mission to attack those ships. As one would expect for pirates, they have a decent chance of attacking one-another as much as they have a chance of going after the big target. But hey, if it means they come away with the greatest loot, so be it. No honor amongst thieves.

The campaign just launched today and is set to go for another 22 days.