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Aether Captains Pledge Manager Now Available

While a Kickstarter campaign is going, you might want to jump in on the action, but you might not be able to for whatever reason. Thankfully, there's a second chance for people to join in during the Pledge Manager portion of the campaign. As backers are able to add to their order, so too can people who missed out on the campaign join in and get their order put in at special prices and offering special items that might not be available later on. Such is the case with Aether Captains. The pledge manager for that has opened up and is accepting new backers.

If you don't remember, Aether Captains was the asymmetrical game of steampunk action from Mage Company and Ninja Division. One player takes on the role of the sky pirates, attacking the huge steampunk airships in wave after wave. Will the pirate prevail and send the huge ships down to the ground to be plundered? Only you and your opponent can decide that.

The pledge manager will remain open until mid August, so you have plenty of time to get in on the action.