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Aegis Studios releases Crazy 8s Rules-Lite Game Engine

Aegis Studios has released Crazy 8s, an easy-to-learn, rules-lite RPG game system.

From the release:

Crazy 8s is a rules-lite, universal game engine that is intended to provide a quick, easy to learn and fun RPG experience that anyone from the first time newbie to the seasoned veteran can use to create a simple, kick-ass role-playing experience.

The Crazy 8s enging is built around the use of two eight-sided die (2d8) rolled against a difficulty set by the Talespinner, who acts as the principal storyteller and rules adjudicator. The Crazy 8s System is based on character skills, gear and Awesome points, which players may spend in order to edit the story and have numerous in-game effects.

Crazy 8s is released under the Open Game License, allowing anyone to use this game engine as a jumping off point for creating their own worlds and game settings.

Crazy 8s was written and developed by Travis Legge.

Available now at DriveThruRPG for ONLY 99 cents!