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AEG Releases Smash Up: Cease & Desist

There's a new set of cards for Smash Up available. This one, I'm sure, gave the lawyers over at AEG fits. Not to say that other sets haven't possibly done that, but this one they seemed to go out of their way to toe the line. But they own up to it. The name of the set's Cease & Desist, after all.

The four new groups in this set are the Astroknights, the Star Roamers, Changerbots, and Ignobles. Each one gives you new Minions and Actions with which you can take over bases. Astroknights fight with the Power of the Fours. Star Roamers head from here to there in space, buying up all the red shirts they can (they seem to always end up mangled in some form). Changerbots are able to transmorph from one object to another, gaining different bonuses in each form. Meanwhile, the Ignobles are just looking for winter and trying to find a comfy throne to sit on. Plus, dragons!

You can pick up your copy now.