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AEG Posts November Releases

November's a pretty big month for game releases. So begins the big push for the holiday shopping season and everyone wants their products on people's lists. Well, the folks over at AEG have posted up their releases they'll be coming out with this month so you can plan your purchases ahead of time.

Starting out, there's a pair of expansions. Dice City is getting By Royal Decree, in which the Queen will be taking a more personal view of your development planning, looking to make sure every new building best helps the kingdom. Meanwhile, Istanbul will be getting Letters and Seals. Now, delivering the mail is open to you as a way to gain new income... and if you learn a secret or two along the way, all the better. Then you've got the deluxe version of Love Letter. This is for people who just love Love Letter and want to get as nice a case for it as possible. You get a red velvet storage tray inside a magnetically-sealed box. It's perfect for keeping your game nice and organized. It's not all expansions and new versions of things, though. There's also Treasure Lair, a new dungeon-delve board game where picking who you want to head into the dangerous underground is just as important as picking which room to go into next. The final surprise is... well... we still don't know anything really about it. It's the Black Box and all we know is, apparently, it's been in development for 10 years and you will want it. *shrugs lots*