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AEG Announces New Edition of Guildhall

Guildhall is still a relatively new game, having just been released in 2013. And it won a couple of awards, too (as well as being nominated for several others). But that doesn't mean the game was perfect. As such, the folks over at AEG looked it over and have decided a new version is in order. This new version is called Guildhall: Fantasy.

So, what can you expect with the updated version? Well, more versatility in play in the original box set, to begin with. They've added in 6 new cards to the base game Card Pool that effectively helps turn the base game into what the original game, plus a couple of the expansions, were doing. They also updated the artwork, as they felt the original "medieval peasants" was nice, but not as engaging as it could've been for the audience. As such, they're getting all new art with fantasy themes (hence the name of the new edition, too).