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AEG Announces Dice City

Dice City... sounds like a paradise (paradice?) for a gamer... or an alternate name for Vegas. But really, it's a new game that AEG has just announced. In the game, the Queen of Rolldovia has decided that the wants a new capital for her country, and you're the ones who are going to build it for her. You must use your resources as heads of the noble houses in order to grow the city. However, it's the people and the Queen who will decide whether you've done a good job or not.


Dice City is a dice drafting and city-building game. As you change sections of the city, so do your dice change. What works once in one place may not work there again next time around. With more than one strategy for winning, there are many different ways you can build the city and make your claim as the greatest civil designer of them all.

The game was created with the help of Artipia Games. It will be released in October. Gen Con attendees will be able to try it out at the AEG booth.