AE-WWII Soviet Psi-Cannon preview

Darkson Designs have posted a preview of their upcoming AE-WWII Soviet Psi-Cannon figures.


From their website:

Here are the staff painted Soviet PSI Cannon team. The team is slated to be released in April.

The first image is of the multi-part PSI Cannon miniature. This allows you to swap out his head and also equip any of your Soviet miniatures with the PSI Cannon.

This second miniature (above) is the single part PSI Cannon with an interchangeable head so you can choose which head you would like him to have but still save the time of not having to assemble two miniatures.

This team was designed after listening to what the fans have said they would like to see in the AE line of miniatures. The ability to have multi part miniatures and also more single part figs.