AE-WWII: European Theatre previews German Draugr on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Dec 7th, 2012

Blackball Games is showing off the artwork for their German Draugr and adding him as an add-on to their Kickstarter.

From the update:

To celebrate, as soon as we hit $10,001.00, everyone at the Lt. level and above will receive a Druager for free. Yep. Free. For everyone – we are also adding the Draugr as an add-on for $10… so just top off your pledge by $10 and the Draugr can be yours. Take 2 if you want, every add-on just helps the project succeed and gets us closer to getting all these goodies into your hands.

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  • Great art, I would love to know who did that picture.

  • If that’s not enough to get people to up their pledge, I don’t know what is.

    Awesome image.

  • keltheos

    I’m a little bit stunned that people are shoveling money at KS gaming projects by unknown companies while this KS, which is asking for a comparably small amount of funding, is a known quantity and excellent game.

    Come on, folks, get in there!

    I’ve already made my pledge, love the AE and can’t wait to see where Blackball takes things.

    (I could bloviate about the high bribery bar that’s been set on KS/Inde over the past few months and how that hurts truly small companies, but that’s for another thread…)

    • Nightbee

      Well, there’s not much new product being offered. Even that picture up there that has everyone excited was released at least two years ago. A few new sculpts would have proven that the company is actually dedicated to advancing the line.

      • Correction on the release of the Draugr…. It was never released or sculpted. Blackball is also sculpting several never done concepts. Most of which are the unlocking elements for the Occult Forces.

        As for the game being in “Unknown hands” well Matthew Hope is the guy that was part of AE from the beginning, from rules to story arc. The game could not be in better hands as far as I am concerned.

  • keltheos

    Welp, isn’t Kickstarter actually there to help get companies the money they need to advance the line?

    I thought a KS to bring the rulebook up to speed for those who already play the game and to ensure they have a game to advance the line with demonstrated dedication…

  • Nightbee

    I guess after seeing what happened to Hell Dorado once it was sold to a small company, it’s difficult to put any money into a similar situation, especially without being able to get any real sense that the new owners understand the game’s aesthetic.

    I know this makes me sound incredibly shallow, but it doesn’t help that their company logo looks like something off of a hip-hop mixtape from 1992.

    • What you seem to be missing is that the new owners include the original developer.

      Matt Hope is RESPONSIBLE for the aesthetic.

      They are dedicated to the game, have plans for the new sculpts, and want to start by launching an updated rule set for the hundreds of people already playing.

      They got my money and support. I will look forward to new sculpts, and fleshing out the British faction, later.

      • Matt was responsible for the rules and historical direction the game took.

        I was responsible for the aesthetic. πŸ˜‰

  • keltheos

    Well, knowing one of the owners of Blackball Games was one of the partners at Darkson Designs and was the lead designer for AE-WW2, I’d say that the game’s in about as good hands as it can be aesthetic-wise. What they lack is the starting capital to make it happen. πŸ˜‰

  • keltheos

    Granted, they buried that information toward the bottom of the KS page under “about us” rather than at the top where it’s more likely to get read:

    “In 2012, Blackball acquired the rights to AE:WWII and AE: Bounty from Darkson Designs. Matt Hope was the lead developer on both products for Darkson, and so folding the lines into Blackball Games was a great fit – essentially bringing the games home and rebooting them with an eye on streamlining and longevity.”

  • Nightbee

    You told me!

    Maybe I’ll be in for a book.

  • Also, don’t forget that Blackball has been instrumental in the success of several new games, one of them being the recent successful Relic Knights.

  • You would be surprised as to what games you are already playing that Matthew Hope has had a hand in. He has been doing this game/rule design for a while now. πŸ˜‰