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AE-WWII: European Theater by Blackball Games up on Kickstarter

Blackball Games has got their AE-WWII: European Theater Kickstarter up and running. Will you join in with them?

From the campaign:

Based on real WWII experiments and legends from throughout history, AE-WWII is unlike any WWII game you've played before.

The game uses an innovative army creation system based on troop types and training levels – not on calculations. The action-point based gameplay is fast and clean with alternating activations and a dynamic morale system that is simple to learn, strategically deep, tactically rich, and fun as hell.

Alliances and Nations In AE-WWII: Pick your army from the ranks of Allies, Axis, and Communist forces. Simply pick your Nation, and a combination of branches to round out your selection. You can mix and match within your Alliance.