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AE: Crimson Kingdom teaser posted

Darkson Designs have posted a teaser with some of the background for their upcoming AE: Crimson Kingdom fantasy rules. From their announcement:
The following is taken from a lecture given at the Royal Citadel Academy: “The language of the Serpent, called simply Serpentine, is an ancient language. Some scholars more widely read than I postulate that it was in use in the wider Void even before the Everfather brought the Giants into being as the first of his children. This boggles the mind. Evidence also suggests that the language has retained its form and phonology throughout those millennia, adding to its weight. “Currently the Serpentine language is used by the dragons, snakemen and practitioners of the dark magical arts, for communication of all kind, as well as engraving and enchanting weapons, armour, even everyday household items. The language is rich, complex and hard to pronounce for the lipped, not to mention difficult to learn in its intricacies and endless case-endings. The modular nature of the language gives it a range of expression for all subjects, not limited to the nearly one hundred and fifty syllabic root-words and case markers.