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Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary Now Available from BRW Games

BRW Games has released the Bestiary book for Adventures Dark and Deep. What DM couldn't use some more monsters to throw at unsuspecting PCs?


From the release:

The Adventures Dark and Deep™ Bestiary contains Over 900 monsters in one book, including well over a hundred brand-new monsters, with tons of illustrations.

Need we say more?

The Adventures Dark and Deep™ Bestiary is the third core rulebook for the Adventures Dark and Deep™ game, an expansion and revision of the original 1st Edition rules that defined the role-playing hobby for a decade. Based on Gary Gygax's original plans for expanding the game, Adventures Dark and Deep™ gives you new character classes like the jester, savant, mystic, and mountebank; new spells; a new combat system; new monsters; rules for weather and natural hazards; new magic items, and tons more. And it's all compatible with most old-school games, so you can use it with all your old and new adventures, settings, and supplements.

If you liked 1st Edition, you'll love Adventures Dark and Deep™.