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Adventure Tours and Pints of Blood Coming to UK Games Expo

Coiledspring Games will be making their way to the UK Games Expo this weekend (the show starts tomorrow!) and will be showing off some new games while at the show. One's great for people who like to go traveling (I am the wanderlust king!) and another is for people who want to just go to the Winchester, have a few pints, and wait this whole thing out.

Adventure Tours is a new game by Seiji Kanai, maker of Love Letter. You play as the leader of an expedition, trying to take explorers on a journey to show them exciting wonders and (hopefully) net you tons of money. However, you can't just roll around in the cash piles. You need to make sure you've got the right equipment to take tourists on ever-greater adventures.

Meanwhile, in Pints of Blood, the zombie apocalypse has happened (oh no!). The best bet is to head to the pub and just wait it out. But you've gotta make sure that no zombies get in. You gotta be careful not to make too much noise or let the zombies see you through the windows. Any chance they get, they'll gladly smash through and try and drag you out to be eaten. You gotta just keep calm until the rescue vehicle arrives.

You can find Coiledspring Games in the Kings Suite while at the show.