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Adventure Time Card Wars Doubles Tournament Game Now Available

What time is it!?
12pm, Eastern, actually... Err, I mean, Adventure Time!
It's also time to expand your Adventure Time Card Wars collections with their new Doubles Tournament Game. This new set brings you a new way to play: Teams. You and a friend will play against an opponent and their friend (though, I guess, you can all be friends of one-another). Teams share a pool of hit points and there are new teamwork cards in the set that benefit both of you.

Each teammate still has their own deck. The new Doubles Tournament set comes with such decks. You've got Jake & Charlie vs Grand Prix & Moniker. All of the cards have all-new artwork on them, too. Of course, if you want, you can modify the decks as you see fit, as the decks are fully compatible with previous Card Wars sets.