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Adventure Scents: Special Effects to Intensify Your Games on Kickstarter

Adventure Scents help add another layer of immersion in your gaming sessions. You've got your minis and terrain. You've got your lights dimmed or maybe some candles going. You've got a CD of ambient music or sound effects going... but it still smells like Dorito dust and Al's bad breath. Well, that's where Adventure Scents come in. Designed to smell like places such as a Wizard's Tower, or a Moldy Crypt, or a Welcoming Inn (and many more), they help bring one of those final pieces to your gaming immersion puzzle.

The campaign's well over their funding goal, but there's only 10 days left to get in on the action.

From the campaign:

Adventure Scents is a soon-to-exist (with your help) online store that sells scent special effects designed to take you to another world – one filled with magic and adventure!

At the core of every Adventure Scents product are powerful scentFX orbs. While some might mistake them for scented aroma beads, they are, in truth, obtained by harvesting the olfactory glands of aging gnomes, capturing their most breathtaking and memorable experiences. Once harvested, I use them to create scentFX jars, magic wands, and scented lockets.