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Adventure in a Con 2- Legend of the One-Toes by Silver Gryphon Games available now

Silver Gryphon Games has their second "Adventure in a Con" adventure up and available over in their webshop.

From the release:

Adventure in a Con: an adventure designed with the Æther Random Setting Generator, run Friday night of a convention, written on Saturday of the convention, and illustrated by an artist who attended the convention. It’s an entire adventure pulling talent from a convention! It’s an Adventure in a Con!

The second of our Adventure in a Con series, Legend of the One Toes takes the PCs on a wild ride set 400,000 years ago! Combining light fantasy elements such as spell casting and shamanic magic with cavemen as they discover a time-slipping space ship from our own near-future, this adventure has a combination of plot points that are almost completely unheard of in the gaming world!

You are one of the cavemen as you explore outside the cave the day after your Shaman disappears and you and the other PCs are knocked out by a loud bang after a very bright flash. There is a trail of odd footprints leading away from the cave, footprints with only one giant toe. They seem to be leading toward the lake, which is the only thing separating you from your sworn enemies, the Tribe of Gank.

Rescue your Shaman! Discover the creature that makes one-toed foot prints!
Fight for the glory and honor of your tribe!