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Advanced Title Bout Pre-Release Announced

PT Games and JT Publishing are taking orders for the newest edition of Advanced Title Bout, their board game of professional boxing. The game has been around for a while, so this new edition takes into account 30 years of research and refinement. There's a new game board and new card layout. Chief among the changes are two separate columns for the boxers. The first is for when the fight starts. The second is after they've gone a few rounds. The aim was to make the game as close as possible to a real simulation of professional boxing.


From the announcement:

PT Games and JT Publishing are very excited to announce the Pre-Release special for Advanced Title Bout.
Advanced Title Bout is the next step in the evolution of the classic board game that debuted over thirty years ago as an Avalon Hill/Sports Illustrated board game.

Like its predecessor, Advanced Title Bout is a simulation of the sport of professional boxing; and like the original game, Advanced Title Bout provides the speed, unpredictability and excitement of the fight game. However, Advanced Title Bout makes use of over twenty years of additional research and innovation, making the rated fighters the most accurate rendition to date. The newest iteration of the classic boxing board game also includes completely revised tables, as well as new ones to add even more realism and accuracy to the simulation. Included in the game is a heavy chipboard gameboard, a first for PT Games, a full-color ruleset, deck of startegy cards on high-gloss heavy cardstock, Boxing Action Card deck on high-gloss heavy cardstock, 16 fighter cards to get you started printed on high-gloss heavy cardstock, scoresheets, and another first for PT Games a full-color chipboard gamebox to hold all of the fun!

New Features on all Fighter Cards:
The newly designed cards will retain the basic format of the original Title Bout fighter cards. The placement of certain ratings may be a bit different but if you’ve played the game before, you’ll
recognize the style. There are some obvious differences (and improvements!) however: The most notable change is that each fighter has two columns, the first column representing the fighter at the start of the bout and the second representing the fighter after he has fatigued.

This is a significant advance in the evolution of the simulation: first, you no longer have to calculate changes to ratings after a fighter has used all of his endurance; second, each fighter is individualized to reflect what takes place after endurance is gone. Before, every fighter “was painted with the same brush” and the same penalties were applied to each fighter. Now, a tireless fighter like George Chuvalo or Rocky Marciano will be rated differently when they fatigue than, say, a fighter like George Foreman –in his first career.

Fighters have more career information on their cards, including nicknames, career dates that are broken into prime years and years per division fought (in the case of fighters who frequently fought in two divisions).

New ratings have been added to better simulate the fighter and his individual skills. Fighters are rated for their ability to cut off the ring, to counter-punch beyond the original rating, and for their conditioning prior to a fight.

$39.00 Pre-Release Price for Print or $44.00 at Release for the Print edition,
$8.00 PDF available on day of Print Release.
Release Date TBA. Expected December 2014!