Advanced Terrain’s Ruins pre-order ends soon

By tgn_admin
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Aug 25th, 2011

Advanced Terrain will soon stop accepting pre-orders for their Ruins terrain via Kickstarter.

New walls and freebies

From their announcement:

There’s only a short time left to take part in our popular Kickstarter campaign for the Domus Ruins, a set of four gothic style building ruins. However, we have not been content to let things rest – we’ve added a second set of terrain to the Kickstarter pre-order campaign, the Conseptum Walls kit. This 13-piece modular wall set includes 1 arch, 4 straight segments, 4 corners, 2 breach pieces, 2 wall end caps, and can be configured in a huge variety of layouts.

But wait, there’s more. As a special thank you for the fantastic success of the Kickstarter campaign, we are going to send everyone who supports us a set of two extra Conseptum Wall segments, whether you choose the Walls set, the Ruins set, or both. Don’t delay, you’ve only got until September 1st. Check out the Kickstarter pre-order.

Advanced Terrain is affordable, looks great, and requires no painting or assembly. Our terrain is cast in a neoprene rubber, giving it incredible toughness. We’ve even run over it in a car without damage. For more comments or questions, join the discussion on Advanced Terrain in the forums, or check out our site.

  • Robert

    I jumped in on this as soon as I saw it. I think it’s a great deal AND worth supporting.

  • Well, I was going to join the kickstarter, but they don’t do PayPal… Sad Panda.

  • jedijon

    I’m so glad that amongst all this ‘buy American’ hoopla – that they do indeed take a second to credit Hirst Arts and mention a licensing agreement. These fund-it projects always strike me as a little odd in terms of the trust level they require, but I would have absolutely flipped if they added on top of that…improper usage of someone else’s small business.

    Well, go Bruce – and all HA related projects. FYI, for appx. $70, you can make about 40 of these sets of ruins. I mean, if you like to occasionally scrape a mold during a football game or anything… 🙂

  • Zematus

    I was also a little disappointed that kicksarter doesn’t take paypal. It’s possible that it has something to do with the fact that you aren’t actually charged (via until the project is complete, while a paypal transaction is immediate.

    As always, the trade offs of buying terrain or building it yourself are time and materials. If this project was just trying to sell me plaster versions, then it would be of no interest. But I like the idea of the rubber composition, he’s done a fantastic job detailing the pieces and I am happy to pay to not be bothered with doing it myself. I already have a terrain project on my work bench and its taken me half the summer to get to the point where I have a dozen pieces of homemade terrain ready for painting. While I thoroughly enjoy building my own stuff, supplementing it with some prefab pieces gets my table filled that much quicker.

    It doesnt hurt that he’s local, so I feel like I’m supporting a local biz too. 🙂

    • advancedterrain

      Heck yeah, it’s an all-WA operation… I’m in Bellevue, my main model builder guy is in Olympia, a sculptor in Spokane, and the mold maker down in Vancouver. I love how the Internet can bring people together 🙂