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Advanced Deployment new items & sale

Southpaw Art and Design have added new products to their Advanced Deployment range of gaming accessories and also are having a sale. Condition tokens From their announcement:
We've got some awesome new items in stock this week. For your favorite 4e tabletop game we have condition markers based on The Weem's condition cards. These are really clever, with fun illustrations on one side, and bloodied marker on the other. We also have some various 1' and .75' markers too. We're also happy to announce that we've got some special edition eye tokens right now too, they are inset with a crystal in the center of the eye. My sister's birthday is coming up, so until June 14th were having a flash sale. Use the coupon code VMH27 to save 14% off your entire order. Last, but not least, Southpaw is looking to get our name out there, if you have a blog that covers one of the games we make accessories for, please drop us a line at so we can hook you up with some product to review.