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Advanced Deployment is having a Lock & Load sale

Advanced Deployment is run by people who have been huge fans of Warmachine and Hordes since... well... I'm pretty sure Ravyn's got a black and white copy of Prime somewhere. They started their company originally making items to help make playing Warmachine easier. So, when it's time for Privateer Press to have their big Lock & Load Gamefest, you know that Advanced Deployment is going to be excited about it. This time, that excitement's turned into a sale.

It's pretty simple. All you have to do is use the code "Lockandloaded" at checkout. If you do, you'll not only get 15% off your order, but you'll also get 3 basehuggers for free.
One note is for Domestic Customers to make their orders by the 27th so that the product will arrive to you by June 3rd.

I kinda want to get some stuff with Giorgio Tsoukalos on it. I find that guy hilariously awesome.