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Advanced Deployment has new token sets

Advanced Deployment just came out with a whole new page of tokens and templates on their website. These particular ones have more of a sci-fi theme to them. Go have a look!

From the designer:

Advanced Deployment is pleased to announce that after what feels like an infinite amount of time we finally have Sci-Fi skirmish tokens!
This is our first wave of tokens, and expect more in the next few weeks!

We would also like to celebrate this release with a sale, so from 4/15 until 4/22, just enter code INFINITE and save 15% off your whole order.

One last note to those of you who ordered while the shop was closed: Ravyn got a bit of the post-vacation plane crud, and was a few days behind on orders. All orders will be finished and out this week. In addition, we've thrown in a little something extra to thank you for your patience!