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Advanced Deployment Flash sale 6/21-6/22

I've been involved with gaming for well over a decade now. Many of my friends I've known from "way back" have had some great, momentous things happen in their lives. Like my friend Ravyn. 9 years ago, she got married (no, not to me. :P). She's since gone on to start Advanced Deployment. Well, in celebration of her nuptials, she's having a sale over on her website.

Just for today and tomorrow, you can save 9% off your order. But that's not all. Every order will also get a "goodie bag" of free items. But even that's not all, they also have restocked their store of several of their limited edition items.

Feel you've already got everything? Well, they have new releases as well, such as new MkIII tokens, Steamroller 2016 tokens, and a new waves of Spaceship Skirmish tokens.

Congratulations Ravyn and Dusty! Here's to another 9 years (and hopefully many, many more after that, too!)!