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Advanced Deployment Clerance Sale

Advanced Deployment is having a clearance sale on their product due to overstock.

From their announcement:

Hello friends, and supporters of Advanced Deployment!

We are pleased to announce that Advanced Deployment has acquired a new laser, and as such, we’ve decided to overhaul our product line. In the next couple of weeks we’re going to roll out a new webstore with a lot of new options and new products.

However, what this means is we’ve got a lot of overstock of our original designs left, and we need to get rid of it! Right now at our webstore you will notice that there is only two pages of products Clearance Packs and Clearance Singles. We’re going to clearance out everything we’ve got left to make way for the new store.

You will be able to save between 25-90% on the products posted. There is just a couple of catches:
•Once a product is gone, it’s gone
•If something has a color choice that choice is random. We’ve got a limited supply left, and just need to get it out of the shop.

That’s it!

So check out the store, and buy now at a price you cannot beat!

We’ll see you in a couple of weeks with our grand reopening!