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Advanced Deployment Black Friday Sale

Well, I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was good. Mine really couldn't have been better.
And now, all those Christmas decorations are "okay" to have up. :D

Anyway, let's get back to it. Lots to cover today. We'll start out with Advanced Deployment's Black Friday Sale.

Ravyn's gone wild over there, adding bunches of new products to the webshop. She's also opened up new customization options. You don't have to fill out a special form anymore. If you just send her a black and white image of what you want, she can engrave it into whatever pieces you're wanting to customize.

As for the sale items use the following codes:
BlackFriday10 for 10% off $25 or More
BlackFriday15 for 15% off $50 or More
BlackFriday25 for 25% off $100 or More

You'll also want to be following the Advanced Deployment Facebook page, as there will be special flash sales and giveaways in addition to the above sale going on all weekend.