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Advanced Deployment: Birthday Sale and New Products

Advanced Deployment just came out with a whole slew of new tokens, markers, templates, objectives and other such goodies. But that's not the only present. On July 13th, Ravyn turns 30 and she's having a sale on all the stuff on her website.
Here's a small sampling of what's new:

From the announcement:

In Celebration of Ravyn's 30th Birthday we're throwing a huge sale!

On July 13th, spend $30 or more, and you can save 30% off your entire order! Just use code:

This sale runs from 12:01 July 13th to Midnight, so don't miss it!

We're also pleased to announce a bunch of new products just in time for the sale:
-New Accessory kit for your favorite Steam Powered /Monstrous Miniature Game
-New AOEs both for generic gaming and Sci-Fi Skirmish games!
-Products for the popular Oriental Skirmish Game
-Products for the Medieval Skirmish game