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Adepticon Talks: Ninja Division and Soda Pop

Adepticon is almost here (I leave on the 1st for Chicago). They've sat down and talked with Soda Pop/Ninja Division and figured you'd want to hear what they had to say.


From the post:

Soda Pop Miniatures returns to AdeptiCon for another year. Bringing the head to head awesomeness of Super Dungeon Explorer Arena to the events hall, and focusing on Relic Knights in the vendor area. Deke Stella, and John Cadice sit down with us to bring us up to speed on the latest developments in Super Dungeon Explore, the Forgotten Kings Kick starter, the soon to be available Relic Knights, and just what is Ninja division anyways….

The AdeptiCon Talks interviews are an ongoing discussion series with a wide variety of AdeptiCon attendees, staff, organizers and vendors. Conducted by Andrew Sherman, and Mark Dieter. These interviews will give you a quick insight into the motivations and machinations behind the fervor and fury that is AdeptiCon.