AdeptiCon INAT FAQ v4.1 posted

A new version of the AdeptiCon INAT FAQ has been posted.

From their website:

The INAT FAQ v4.1 has just been completed and is ready for download! This new update is essentially just a bit of housekeeping (since there hasn’t been any new codex released since our last update), mainly to remove any redundant rulings in the INAT that were covered in GW’s official Blood Angel and Tyranid FAQs (or to change our rulings to match theirs where the two conflicted).

Besides that, we’ve also added a few new rulings throughout the document as well. As always, any questions/rulings that have been altered from the previous version of the FAQ have been denoted as such with a ‘plus sign’ ( + ) before the question # and have their ‘answer text’ colored red to make it easy for you to spot what has been changed.