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Adder Combat Lifters deal at The Ion Age

The Ion Age slithers in with their new Adder combat Lifters over in their webshop.
No word yet on Python Combat Lifters being added.


From the release:

We decided to 'Add' upon last month's Early Supporter Offer with another on smaller sized 15mm science fiction vehicles. This time the hover, floating variants of the Adder Combat Lifter series of vehicles. Our first hover vehicles which we did a small sneak peek at during the week. We have an offer for you, not a bundle this time, an offer of 25% off the release price on five different codes. Choose exactly what you want in your order. The Adder is the standard light combat lifter used by the Muster in the Ion Age. Adders come in coloured variants and this ESO concerns the Red, Yellow, Orange and Black Adders. Here are the details of the offer which runs from 3rd July to 17th July:

IAF036A Red Adder Combat Lifter (Mini-Gun Turret) 3.00GBP (save 25% off 4.00GBP)
IAF036B Yellow Adder Fire Support Lifter (Missile Pod Turret) 3.00GBP (save 25% off 4.00GBP)
IAF036C Black Adder Punch Lifter (Rail Gun Turret) 3.00GBP (save 25% off 4.00GBP)
IAF036D Orange Adder Combat Lifter (Hermit Grenade Turret) 3.00GBP (save 25% off 4.00GBP)
IAF038 Smashed Adder Lifter (Hover Destroyed Vehicle) 3.00GBP (save 25% off 4.00GBP)

Every order placed gets the IMP11 Female Adventurer (worth 0.60GBP) included free automatically.

Lots more information and pictures by clicking though!