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Adder Combat Car deal at The Ion Age

The Ion Age is running a special bundle deal for their new Adder Combat Cars over in their webshop. Order early and get a discount.

Early Supporter Adder bundle


From the announcement:

The Ion Age has another Early Support Offer (ESO) bundle for you. This time its light wheeled vehicles called Adders in 15mm scale.

Adder Combat Car ESO Bundle. Five IAF035 Adder Combat Cars plus an IAF037 Smashed Adder free. Total Bundle Value 24.00GBP price is 18.00GBP save 25% off release price! Every order placed automatically gets the IMP10 Malig Tank Ace (worth 0.60GBP) included free automatically.

In the bundle you get all the parts needed to make Five Adders. Composing of five Adder bodies, one Yellow Adder Missile Pod Turret, one Moth Launcher Turret (Orange Adder) and three standard turrets along with six weapon choices for them (six Red Adder chain guns and six Black adder rail guns) meaning you can make one Orange Adder, one Yellow Adder and your choice of three Red Adders or three Black Adders or a mix of the two with spare weapons left over for other uses. Also the terrain piece or marker for a destroyed vehicle the Smashed Adder. Excellent value and a whole platoon of light vehicles for use in our own or just about any 15mm science fiction wargame from the present day to near future and space opera too. Codes contained in the bundle will be on general release from the 19th June 2014 at normal retail price.

Lots more images and information and game universe fiction on the link. Click through for more.

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