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Add-Ons Added To Sword & Sorcery Campaign From Ares Games

Ares Games keeps chugging along with their Sword & Sorcery board game Kickstarter campaign. There was quite the surge right out of the gate. They're now well over 400% funded and still have a lot of time to go. To help raise that funding total even further, there's a bunch of add-ons that people can add to their pledge.

For those that like to have special dice and tokens, they've got add-ons for that. They also have metal tokens that you can purchase, if you like to add a little "clink" to your game. There's also a Heroes set that you can add to your pledge to help you fight against the great evils that are facing the world. What sort of great evils? How about a big, 3-headed dragon? Yeah, that'd be probably pretty evil. That's where the Vastaryous’ Lair expansion comes in. That's a complete expansion for the game, including storybook, map tiles, extra cards and tokens, and minis, including Vastaryous, the aforementioned 3-headed dragon.

14 days left to get in on the action, if you're so inclined.